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But he said: "So far, the UK government has not offered a single compromise of its own. In fact, it has offered nothing. Neither formal reaction to our proposals, nor formal rejection of them." But John Lamont of the Scottish Conservatives claimed the Scottish government's default position was to "try to manufacture a grievance out of nothing". He said: "The Scottish government try to portray the Supreme Court ruling and the UK government's bill to trigger Article 50 as an example of Scotland being ignored. "The truth is actually more simple. It is a matter for Scotland's other parliament to deal with and it is, as a reserved matter, one for Scotland's MPs to scrutinise." He added: "This is how the devolution settlement works, and it is time that the SNP accepted this read here principle and moved on from grievance politics. "Despite the rhetoric from the Scottish government, the reality is that they are being given plenty of opportunity to engage in the process of the UK leaving the EU." Image copyright PA Image caption The prime minister has urged MPs to respect the outcome of the EU referendum and last week's parliamentary vote on the Brexit bill Scottish Labour has said it will vote against triggering Article 50 - although some of its MSPs may defy that instruction - but has tabled an amendment calling on the SNP not to use Brexit as an excuse for a second independence referendum. Leader Kezia Dugdale has said that although Scottish Labour accepts the UK is leaving the European Union, it does not accept the terms currently being proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May. The move puts Ms Dugdale at odds with UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is facing a revolt by pro-Remain MPs - including the party's only Scottish MP Ian Murray - who are defying his leadership to vote against the bill at Westminster. Ms Dugdale said: "While the bill to leave the EU is still progressing through the House of Commons, Labour in Holyrood will send a clear message that we do not support a hard Brexit.

Everyone's like, 'Oh, what is really lacrosse?' We got a bunch of people to join. A lot of people say my grade, we created the path for lacrosse in Texas.'' Still, Widner wasn't sure that path could ever take her to a college at the level of Syracuse. But she gave it a try by attending several camps before he junior and senior years, including a couple at Syracuse. "It was definitely a huge adjustment to come. As soon as I started going to camps, I was like, 'Wow, these girls that I was playing against are extremely talented.' And it definitely gave me a drive and a passion to start working a lot harder,'' Widner said. "I think us being so far down south and it not really being a big deal, we kind of had the mindset it's impossible for us to play in college, these girls are so much better than us. But during spring break in high school, my coach created a trip for us every spring break to go and play teams in Maryland, North Carolina. Our coach was like, 'You guys need to see what level these girls are at so you can eventually come to this level.''' When Gait saw Widner play at camp, he envisioned a potential replacement for Treanor on draws. "She was very good at the draws,'' Gait recalled. "That's what we were looking for.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.syracuse.com/orangewomen/index.ssf/2017/02/syracuse_womens_lacrosse_reaches_into_the_heart_of_texas_to_help_replace_all-tim.html

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