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A size small may be on the large rack or vice versa. Unisex items like T-shirts and vintage jeans can often be found in the men’s or boys’ sections. Quality counts: “Somebody has already taken it out for a spin,” Anderson said. When buying second-hand items, look for high-quality fabrics to ensure your great thrifting finds will last. Be patient: You’re not likely to find 20 items in one day in a thrift store. If you’re trying to create a wardrobe, the key is to build it over time. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: “Accessories are one of the least thrifted Items and there’s some really good quality stuff,” Anderson said. Accessories are also easy to clean and shop for, which makes them a great starting point for first-time thrifters. Price isn’t everything: “Your goal is not to walk in there and buy everything that is cheap,” Anderson said.

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