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This @hm nonsense of a clothing store arrived in South Africa with racist undertones. And now they connote that black people are monkeys, even print clothes for that. All self respecting people in the world should boycott H&M and there should be consequences for their actions.

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A worker stands in front of shipping containers He says nations are highly unlikely to reopen negotiations on sensitive matters, simply to accommodate the UK. Given the urgency to seal a deal, Mr Connelly warns the UK would be a "price taker" on the terms of the pact, particularly in areas like pharmaceuticals, state-owned enterprises, labour and the environment. "If Brexit was about symbolically taking back control in these areas, then joining the TPP would do little to accomplish that," he added. A Department for International Trade spokesman says it is "early days" in the UK's quest to sign new deals. "We have set up 14 trade 'working groups' across 21 countries to explore the best ways of progressing our trade and investment relationships across the world." The government was "not excluding future talks" on trade agreements with group of countries. If included, the UK would expand the reach of the TPP to countries beyond those that border the Pacific Ocean. "It had always been the idea that the TPP would expand," says James Crabtree, associate professor of practice at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. But he argues practical constraints make the UK's inclusion in the pact unlikely. "The problem is there are all sorts of barriers to this happening," Mr Crabtree says.


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