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Recognized as the leading brand of pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide, SABRE is always working on something new for the self-defense market. The Defendables Pepper Spray is the first clip-on cone delivery spray thats both discreet and fashionable for staying safe on the go. Unlike other wearable safety pods which may only notify or alert to a possible attack, Defendables Pepper Spray is real and immediate defensive protection device which provides the user with a potent deterrent and the opportunity to escape. Designed to look like a piece of wearable tech like a pedometer, the device conveniently blends into the wearers ensemble without drawing attention to its purposebut is instantly accessible and available to deploy should the need arise. SABRE Defendables Pepper Spray benefits and features: MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER SABRE uses the maximum strength formula possible in a cone delivery spray pattern for an easily managed dispersal PRACTICAL SAFETY With the concern for personal safety at an all-time high, pepper spray is one of the safest, most reliable ways to stay protected HIDDEN PROTECTION Thanks to a discreet, compact profile, would-be assailants wont even notice it's there GREATER VALUE Refill the clips using replacement pods sold separately Lightweight and discreet, users can easily Clip Defendables onto their shirt, waist bands, jackets, backpack and handbags, offering protection while working out or on the go. The Defendables Pepper Spray is a two-part system composed of one clip and one pepper spray pod. Each pod contains one 4-gram dose of pepper spray which is delivered in a powerful cone delivery spray patterned stream to reduce wind blowback. The device and its replacement pods are expected to be released by summer 2017.

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