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Fashion is believed to be the second-most-polluting industry on the planet after oil, a claim that’s based on its dependence on cotton. Some argue fast fashion has democratized the fashion industry. Shoppers can now own trendy clothing without paying anywhere near luxury prices, though Zara in particular is known for knocking off runway designs. There are also dire environmental effects to consider. As reporter Alden Wicker wrote for Racked in March, fashion’s impact on the environment is “astounding. It touches agriculture (cotton, flax, hemp), animal agriculture (leather, fur, wool, cashmere), petroleum (polyester and other synthetics), forestry (rayon), mining (metal and stones), construction (retail stores), shipping, and, of course, manufacturing.” Fashion is believed to be the second-most-polluting industry on the planet after oil, a claim that’s based on its dependence on cotton, which needs a plenty of fertilizer, pesticides, and water to grow, and polyester, the petroleum byproduct of which 50 million tons was produced in 2015. Then there are the resources it takes for deliveries to be made an average of once a week; McKinsey & Company estimates that the creation of one kilogram of fabric produces an average 23 kilograms of greenhouse gases. Clothing production nearly doubled between 2000 to 2014, with the number of garments being created exceeding 100 billion. The speed at which fast fashion operates, and the low prices it promises, has had a profound effect on consumers, who see clothing as a highly disposable good.

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